They may be the newest flavor to hit store shelves.

hot cinnamon oreos
Credit: Getty Images

We wouldn't necessarily want the job of Oreo's flavor developer. After all, what odd flavor hasn't the brand rolled out? Let's count 'em: Fireworks Oreos. Mud Pie Oreos. Peanut Butter and Jelly Oreos. Salted Caramel. Waffle and Syrup Oreos. Mystery Oreos. And Swedish Fish Oreos, which seem to prove the brand may be running out of flavor ideas. This flavor developer has one tough job.

Now, the newest Oreos flavor to potentially hit store shelves may be Hot and Spicy Cinnamon Oreos, reports The Junk Food Aisle, which posted a photo of the newest box of Oreos to its Instagram account. The image shows candy pieces that look like Red Hots on the box, which seems like yet another weird flavor choice for the brand, and Instagram users seem to agree. "That's a haaaardddd pass," one user wrote.

But, as Delish points out, there's one key detail that leads us to believe these aren't really going to hit shelves—at least not any time soon. The photo shows a serious spelling error on the box: chocolate is spelled incorrectly, which could mean these Oreos were Photoshopped. (The packaging also seems to indicate a V-Day release.)

News also recently leaked that Chocolate Hazelnut Oreos—which would surely be a hit with all Nutella lovers—could also soon appear in stores. The Junk Food Aisle also broke that news, but Oreo has yet to officially confirm their release. What we can say for sure is that Cookie Butter Oreos are out, and people seem to love them.

"Damn … these are good," Pop Sugar wrote in its review of the new flavor, a combo of Oreos with spiced cookie butter. "The Oreos are made with a graham-flavored cookie and a cookie-butter-flavored cream, a combination that's not insanely sweet and tastes oddly comforting. … We can confirm it's totally worth your time."