A few lucky submissions to the #MyOreoCreation contest were delivered as “prototypes.”
oreo cookies new creations
Credit: Courtesy of OREO

Oreo has been getting a lot of attention lately for their wacky flavors. In the past few months they’ve managed to introduce Blueberry Pie, Jelly Doughnut, and Waffle & Syrup flavored cookies, which have all been introduced in the last few months. The snack company has effectively been trying to one up themselves. Given the pace that they’ve been churning out new and more captivating flavors, it’s not surprising that they’ve turned to us, their adoring public, to come up some kooky creations.

Oreo is calling them “prototypes” – cookie and chocolate bar ideas that were submitted to the company from Oreo-devotees using the hashtag #MyOreoCreation.

Oreo actually created some of the best submissions, some of which will never be made again. If you thought that Oreo came up with some weird flavor combinations on its own, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what people on the Internet came up with.

On the cookie front, there are some pretty obvious flavors like coffee and salted caramel, but there’s also one with avocado-flavored cream, raspberry Danish, cherry cola, and even pineapple upside-down cake.

And whoever submitted ideas for the chocolate bar flavors seems to have a sense of humor: There’s a Millennial Pink bar, and of course, in keeping with the summer food trends, both a mermaid and unicorn flavored bars.

oreo creations chocolate bar
Credit: Courtesy of OREO

Oreo ended up surprising the people who submitted their flavors with exclusive samples of their own, as icing on the cake (or cookie, as it were) for their creativity.

Oreo is still taking #MyOreoCreation submissions through July 14, which means if you propose a flavor to them before the deadline, there’s a chance they might actually surprise you with the real live version.

Sadly, most people won’t be able to try these Oreo concoctions, since they were cooked up just for the contest participants. But who knows? Maybe Oreo will be inspired by their fans and make that avocado cookie a reality. They’ve made crazier things happen.