Buying local meat in New York City is not superconvenient for me and the quality isn't always reliable. That’s why I was thrilled last week to read about the new Dickon’s Farm Stand on Tasting Table, a New York-based daily e-mail blast edited by cool hunter and former F&W staffer Nick Fauchald. Created by Jake Dickson, Dickson’s Farm Stand lets its customers order reasonably-priced local meat online, then delivers it to specified locations (yep, generally street corners) all over the city. I immediately ordered from the friendly website, complete with cartoonish drawings of meat and detailed information about the farms, and picked up my order Sunday. The Ehrhardt Farm meaty lamb shanks I braised that night were deeply flavorful, thanks to the fact that the animals grazed on incredibly fertile pasture in New York state's Fingerlakes. Dickson has definitely become my go-to meat man (lamb shanks are $10.50 for 2;