After a successful launch in Chicago, the café will open in Union Square later this year. 
Credit: jirkaejc/Getty Images

Nutella’s chocolate-y hazelnut spread goes perfectly with coffee, which is why it’s always seemed like a shame that Nutella is not more readily available at cafés around the city. There was one such café in Eataly Flatiron, but it recently closed. While it might be easy enough to spread some Nutella on toast and pour yourself a cup of coffee at home (I mean, there's hardly a better quick breakfast combination out there) wouldn’t it be great to satisfy that craving when you’re out and about in the world?

Luckily, Ferrero has announced that it’s planning to expand its collection of cafés to new cities. Last year, the candy company opened the first Nutella café in Chicago to much fanfare, and now it’s planning to bestow same honor on the residents of New York City.

Nutella Cafe
Credit: Courtesy of Nutella

Ferrero plans to open the café by the end of the year in Union Square, and it will be fully stocked with an all-things-Nutella menu, and as well as coffee drinks to pair with the sweet treat. (Finally, a way to eat Nutella on the go that doesn’t involve having to carry around a container of the spread in your purse.)

So far, Nutella is staying mum on whether or not the rest of the country will be blessed with cafés of their own. A representative from the company would only tell us, “We are focusing on the new and existing cafés and are always looking for new ways to bring Nutella to our fans.” At least we know we’re on the same page as the company—we are also looking for new ways to bring ourselves Nutella.

There aren’t many details available about what’s included on the menu, either. But we can guess there will likely be plenty of pastries on hand, as well as “specialty espresso beverages,” which hopefully means coffee drinks that incorporate Nutella, too.