Kit Kat Bars Are Dropping a Few Wafers for a New 'Thins' Version

The slimmed down Kit Kats join similar products like Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Thins.

Kit Kat's image is built around its distinct multi-"finger" shape (trademark disputes aside). This separable design makes Kit Kats shareable: "Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar!" exclaims the brand's famous commercials. But let's be honest: Unless you're surrounded by a cadre of candy-craving children, most of the time, you're breaking apart a Kit Kat bar to make it easier to shove the whole thing into your mouth.

And if you're watching calories, Kit Kat's design is practically taunting you: "Save a few of us fingers for later," your Kit Kat says mockingly, as if anyone has ever wrapped a final lone Kit Kat finger in foil and tossed it in the fridge to be consumed at a later date.

KitKat Thins

But now, Kit Kat is introducing a new solution to make your candy decisions simpler—slimmed down fingers metered out in individual servings: Say hello to Kit Kat Thins.

Arriving this February, Kit Kat Thins are the latest addition to Hershey's "Thins" line of products which has also flattened the likes of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and York Peppermint Patties. Unlike those products, however, Kit Kat can be thinned down with a bit of surgery: The brand explains that Kit Kat Thins "have only two light and crispy wafers" compared to standard bar, which has three. Though the Thin bars aren't otherwise identical to the original Kit Kat, simply removing one of the wafers does feel like it keeps the overall Kit Kat integrity.

Thin bars will also be sold individually wrapped in a larger bag—in either 3.4-ounce or 7.2-ounce sizes (with a suggested retail price of $2.39 and $3.89 respectively). So as was the case with Peanut Butter Cups Thins, Kit Kat Thins should prove to be a more "snackable" option. Yes, forget about your previous four-finger or two-finger commitment: With Thins, the only person you need to feel compelled to share with is yourself.

But just because Kit Kat Thins are built for more limited consumption doesn't mean they don't still offer Kit Kat's signature "breakability." These new Thins can be snapped in half horizontally instead of the bigger bar's lengthwise fingers. Otherwise, would it even be a Kit Kat? Give me a break!

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