Cough drop-flavored Kit Kats, which contain “real throat lozenge powder,” have just hit Japan.

Cough Drop-Flavored Kit Kats
Credit: Courtesy of  Nestle Japan

Whenever we think we’ve lost the capacity to be surprised by gimmicky flavors of old classics (think waffle-and-syrup Oreos and pumpkin spice French fries,) a new weirdly-flavored product comes along and we get worked up all over again. The latest marvel to hit our post-modern palates? Cough drop-flavored Kit Kats, now available in Japan—the home of all the interesting Kit Kat flavors. The new candy bars are inspired by everyone’s least favorite sucking candy.

Japan's Kit Kat innovation in the past has included flavors like melon, grilled potato and azuki bean, but this new medicine-forward chocolate takes their risk-taking to uncharted territory. According to Rocket News, which reported the new flavor, the candy bars contain “real throat lozenge powder,” so they’re actually meant to soothe sore throats and coughs. Nestlé Japan’s press release, which Rocket News translated, says that the new coffee drop-flavored product (called “Kit Kat Nodo Ame Aji”) is made by kneading throat lozenge powder into the bar’s white chocolate layers. The release claims the new Kit Kats have a “fresh and invigorating flavor.”

Inexplicably, the packages of the new Kit Kats are decorated with the face of Yasutaro Matsuki, a soccer commentator. Well, there is a loose connection—the limited-edition Kit Kat’s release is tied to 2018 FIFA World Cup matches and won’t be available after September 10. (The bars are meant to soothe the throats of screaming fans.) Another tie to the sport: If you get sore throats while playing soccer but also want to fuel up on simple carbohydrates, these Kit Kats are here for you.

The chocolate bars, which come in packs of three, cost 140 yen ($1.28), making them an affordable alternative to cough syrup. While we cannot yet comment on the new flavor, we have a feeling we’d prefer just … regular Kit Kats.