If a spare moment comes your way, take a look at Adrian Murcia's blog about Spanish wine, food, and whatnot (music, tv, etc.), Blame It on Rioja. Though somewhat mysteriously "commissioned" by Vibrant Rioja, a marketing venture of the Rioja region, Murcia states that they have no control over what he chooses to write. Given that I know Adrian, and that the blog certainly sounds like him, I'm game to believe that. And whatever—this blog is "commissioned" by Food & Wine, in that I'm employed by the magazine. So who am I to question anyone else's fealty to a higher economic power?

The blog's already performed a valuable service in my world by alerting me to Posh Nosh, a brilliantly deranged English parody of cooking shows that aired between 2003 and 2004. Undoubtedly I'm behind my friends in the food world in twigging to this inspired lunacy, but who cares—better late than never. The official BBC website gives short excerpts of the episodes (which only ran ten minutes to begin with); however, the episodes can be found in their (most likely illegal) entirety on YouTube. Not that I'd ever go there and watch them, of course. No sir. Not I.