It's not the happy-go-lucky ice cream commercial you're probably expecting. 
Credit: Courtesy Halo Top

Like most people, you probably consider ice cream a symbol of happiness and pleasure. We don’t typically associate it with being frightened. Unless, of course, you’re the semi-evil geniuses behind the new Halo Top commercial, which features one very creepy robot.

The commercial opens up on a brightly lit, white room. A disoriented looking older woman is sitting in the middle of the room, wearing what could be a white hospital gown. Over loudspeakers, in the background, a cheerful singer hums, “I just need ice cream for you and me.” A white robot approaches her, holding out a spoon topped with ice cream. He greets her and then informs her “it’s time for ice cream.” The woman enjoys the first couple spoon-fulls of ice cream but soon begins to sense that something is amiss.

The woman begins to question the robot about where she is, but the robot insists that she “eat the ice cream” because “humans require ice cream.” The robot tries to shove the spoon in her face, but she slaps it away, at which point a cabinet in his chest opens, and reveals an ice cream cone. Clearly frightened, the woman asks the robot, “Where’s David?” and that’s where things take a sinister turn. We won’t ruin the ending for you—just watch.

According to AdAge, the commercial will air in theaters before the movies, It and Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Halo Top Founder and CEO Justin Woolverton calls the spot an “anti-ad.”

"If anything it portrays ice cream a little negatively but we thought that was overshadowed by how great the dark comedy was,” he explained.

Halo Top can afford to be a little experimental with their advertising strategies—its one of the most popular ice cream brands in the country right now. But after watching, you might never be able to look at a spoonful of ice cream the same way again.