Hope you're in the mood for a whole, entire lobster. 
New Smorgasburg vendors
Credit: Westend61/Getty Images

Brooklyn’s massive outdoor food market, Smorgasburg, returns on March 31, and with it will come a slew of new food vendors—as though you didn’t already have trouble deciding which dish to choose from the restaurants already on offer.

Smorgasburg still holds down its original location, but has since spread to a second venue in Prospect Park, and another in Los Angeles. The two locations in New York host 100 food vendors combined, making it nearly impossible to not stuff your face with at least one bite of every available treat, from barbecue to Ethiopian cuisine.

This year, a diverse roster of vendors will be making their first appearance at the market: You'll be able to sample Himalayan food, a type of Italian pie made with cheese and potatoes, sushi, Korean fried chicken, and Sichuan rice noodles.

If you like whole lobster, you’ll be excited to hear that Lobsterdamus, a transplant from the L.A. arm of the food festival, is coming to Brooklyn this year. Lobsterdamus sells lobster fries, lobster nachos, and yes, an entire lobster served over noodles.

In the dessert realm, there’s also plenty to look forward to: A new bakery called King Street Kitchen, founded by a former Eleven Madison Park pastry chef is making its debut at the market selling brownies and gluten-free bundt cake.

There will also be beautifully constructed Japanese shaved ice sculptures on hand from Bonsai Kakigori, perfect for that colorful Instagram shot you'll have to take by necessity if you attend Smorgasburg. Seems as though edible cookie dough hasn't lost its appeal either: DŌ teamed up with Big Mozz to bring fried cookie dough to the market. Here's another fun one: a 14-year-old baker will sell his banana bread under the name Bread + Monkey at the market, too.

Here's the full list of new vendors coming to Brooklyn's Smorgasburg:


Big Mozz x DO

Bonsai Kakigori

King Street Kitchen

Bread + Monkey (Williamsburg location only)


Dashi Fried Chicken

Frito Italia


Ya Ya Noodz

Bourtos (Williamsburg location only)

Himalayan Horizon (Williamsburg location only)

Yoshimoto Fish Company (Williamsburg location only)