There was no lobster emoji. Now there is. What a time to be alive.

new lobster emoji
Credit: Annabelle Breakey / Getty Images

A picture is worth a thousand words… except in the case of emojis where a picture is worth one word – maybe a phrase at most. For this reason, we constantly need more emojis – because it’s hard to get across the idea of a lobster through emojis without a literal lobster emoji. Luckily, the Unicode Consortium is constantly at work digging through the globe’s emoji requests and expanding the list. Speaking of which, the somewhat mysterious emoji guardians have just released the final list of new emojis for version 11.0. Later this year, we’ll have 2,823 emojis in all, including the 157 new ones – a handful of which are food-related.

The forthcoming new set of emojis – slated for a June 2018 release (though it usually takes slightly longer to actually end up on phones) – technically only includes six new food emojis: mango, leafy green, bagel, salt, mooncake, and cupcake.

As far as some specifics are concerned, the leafy green is meant to handle duties for something like bok choi or choy sum, according to Emojipedia, but will probably also be able to pass for romaine lettuce. The bagel is likely appear sliced to help differentiate it from the doughnut emoji. The salt will come in shaker form. And lastly, for those unfamiliar with a mooncake (not to be confused with “moon pie”), it’s a baked pastry that is typically given as a gift during the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival.

However, possibly the biggest addition to the canon of food emojis is actually not technically grouped with the foods. Instead, it can be found with the animals: the lobster.

People in Maine are especially excited about this new addition, with Senator Angus King even tweeting, “Great news for Maine - we're getting a lobster emoji!!! Thanks to @unicode for recognizing the impact of this critical crustacean, in Maine and across the country.” Of course, the lobster might be looking at the other new animal emojis – raccoon, llama, hippopotamus, kangaroo, badger, swan, peacock, parrot and mosquito – and wonder why he’s the most likely to end up on a dinner plate.

Lastly, a few other new emojis could potentially be seen as food-affiliated. “Tooth” is coming. “Bone” looks like a wonderful meal for your dog. “Receipt” is certainly helpful in discussing splitting a dinner bill or a trip to the grocery store. And then we’re also getting a “roll of toilet paper” emoji… which definitely could not exist without food.