Smart videos (demos, progress reports and the like) are often essential to securing crowdfunding on sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. But the owners of The Market Restaurant in Gloucester, Massachusetts, went for all-out charming in this pitch for donations to their new pizzeria, Short & Main. Newlywed chefs and Chez Panisse alumni Nico and Amelia Monday, with friends Matt Cawley and Howie Correa, created a short narrative featuring baby and wedding photos, plywood shots and pizza porn—and secured more than $20,000. (Incentives didn't hurt, such as a copy of F&W's America's Greatest New Cooks cookbook, which features the Mondays' recipe for smoked fish chowder.) While the donation period has ended, the video, above, offers a great preview of Short & Main, as well a lesson on how to attract a following before a project is even off the ground.

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