We finally have the garlic emoji we deserve.

By Caitlin Petreycik
Updated February 05, 2019
Credit: Courtesy of Apple

The Unicode Consortium (a.k.a. the folks who determine what is and is not worthy of being emoji-fied) have been hard at work, sifting through piles of petitions (California-based winery Kendall Jackson recently submitted a super detailed, 15-page proposal for the creation of a white wine emoji, for example) and expanding the emoji keyboard. And today, the mysterious emoji keepers finally revealed the final list for version 12.0. There are 230 new emoji additions—and eight of them are food-related.

Credit: Courtesy of Apple

This September or October, we'll have cute little illustrations for onions (yellow onions, in case you were curious), waffles, falafel, butter, oysters, juice boxes (or, as the Unicode Consortium refers to them, "beverage boxes"), maté, and, crucially, garlic.

But back to those emoji proposals that are (sometimes) taken into consideration. Just a few weeks ago, the Almond Board of California created an Almond Emoji Petition lobbying for the nut's inclusion in the emoji pantheon (hey, the chestnut has its own emoji). “The emoji trend is here and it’s here to stay,” the petition states. “Why do avocado and taco lovers get their own emoji but almond lovers do not? Sign the petition below to show support for #AlmondEmoji. Then spread the word!” Clearly, almonds didn't make the cut this year, but there's always 2020. After all, the avocado emoji was only added after months and months of loudly expressed public interest/outrage over its omission.

Other crucial 2019 updates include a flamingo, a sloth, service dogs, a yawning face, planets, a sari, a Hindu temple, mechanical arms and legs, men and women in wheelchairs, and ears with hearing aids. Most importantly, the Unicode Consortium states that "2019 expands the scope of people that can be represented, including people with various disabilities...a gender inclusive couple, as well emojis which permit a mix of skin tones for people holding hands."