Credit: © Jaimie Duplass / Alamy

Christmas is one of my favorite times of year. Not because of the terrible music or the gaudy decorations or the blatant commercialism, but because it marks the official end of pumpkin spice season. After Thanksgiving most people seem to be officially pumpkin-spiced out and ready to move on to peppermint or nutmeg or whatever the prevailing spice of December is.

With the annual pumpkin spice craze officially in our rearview, the payment company Square decided to look back at this year's pumpkin spice season that was. According to their data, the peak of pumpkin spice season is, unsurprisingly, October – the same month pumpkins adorn everyone's front porch. Though they also point out that despite Thanksgiving's association with pumpkin pie and festive gourds, come November, pumpkin spice product sales already drop off by about 30 percent.

But it's the exposition with which pumpkin spice arrives on the scene that is most incredible. "Pumpkin spice food item sales went up 13 times from August to October this year—that's a 1,200% increase!" according to Square. What's driving all the pumpkin love? Their data shows that pumpkin spice lattes are still the number one seller overall with pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread and pumpkin ales also driving the madness.