Including this series, Brewery Ommegang will have released 13 GoT beers in total.
hand of the queen
Credit: Courtesy of Brewery Ommegang

Though writing for George R. R. Martin’s book series A Song of Ice and Fire has slowed to a crawl, everything else about the Game of Thrones franchise it inspired has continued unabated. The TV show is already forging ahead to its conclusion, promising an eighth and final season in the next year or so. The series has released wines and cooking accessories. And the Game of Thrones beers have continued to flow as well. Back in October, the show’s official brewing partner, New York’s Brewery Ommegang, released Winter Is Here, its ninth GoT-inspired beer, to coincide with the premiere of the series’ seventh season. Now, even though the show has no scheduled return date, Ommegang has already promised four more Game of Thrones’ beers for 2018—a special Royal Reserve Collection.

Described by the brewery as “a collectible series of four special, limited release beers,” the Royal Reserve Collection will feature beers intended as “an homage to one of four epic figures in the battle for the Seven Kingdoms … brewed and blended with ingredients selected to match the character and temperament of the chosen hero, designed and brewed as Brewery Ommegang’s interpretation of what a royal brewer might brew for his or her noble master.”

The first character to get this special beer treatment: Tyrion Lannister—with a brew called “Hand of the Queen,” an 11 percent ABV barleywine slated to be released in April 2018 on draft and in 750-milliliter bottles. “Malt forward and multifaceted, the beer balances the intense flavors of brandy-soaked raisins and dark fruit with the lighter notes of apricot,” the brewery states. “Hints of molasses and toffee are evident before a finish characterized by the classic yet distinctive barleywine alcoholic heat. Hand of the Queen, an old-world example of the style, attempts to balance these strong yet unruly opposing forces, much like the way Tyrion maintains the balance of power among his influential contemporaries in Westeros.”

“Ommegang’s collection of Game of Thrones beers has been an enduring hit with our fans, so we’re excited to offer them even more opportunities to pay tribute to their favorite characters next year by releasing four new and special releases,” Jeff Peters, Vice President of Global Licensing at HBO, said in a statement. “And, of course, who better to receive our first tribute than Tyrion, the man who so famously drinks and knows things.”

Though the brewery hasn’t said who the other three beers in the collection will honor, Ommegang did provide a release schedule: Expect them to be released in July, October, and December. At that point, Ommegang will have released an incredible 13 Game of Thrones beers starting back in 2013. And of course, 13 is a very unlucky number. Sounds like they’ll have to release at least one more. Can beers have prequels?