Travel in style with this sleek, utilitarian carry-on.

Credit: Courtesy of Wallpaper

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We're all familiar with the stresses of travelling, and many of us could agree that the biggest contributor to that stress is luggage. But hoping to make your travels that little bit easier, and more stylish, is Arlo Skye.

The newly founded travel brand has premiered a new luggage collection, which it describes as “a carry-on reimagined for the design-obsessed.” The new suitcases are designed to make travelling as pleasant as possible, with a built-in charger that works 75 per cent faster than comparable devices and with a one-touch access frame that replaces the standard zip.

Citing quality as its utmost priority, the firm has sourced components from an array of countries: lithium-­ion cells from Japan, alloy from the US, linings from Taiwan and leather from Italy. This international sourcing of materials is part of a greater effort to create a carry-on that the firm professes is “elegant, sophisticated and 2.3 times stronger than commonly available polycarbonate plastic cases.”

Through the combination of a black and silver colour palette and a metallic, rigid exterior, the new collection coveys a strong industrial style. Contrasting with this, however, is a series of illustrations made to coordinate with the launch of the luggage. Titled “Art of Dreaming: Series 1,” the images are a collaboration with Swedish illustrator Jens Magnusson, supplied with purchases of the case.

Conceived by former Louis Vuitton and TUMI executives Mayur Bhatnagar and Denielle Wolfe, Arlo Skye is certainly in capable hands. It won’t be long until the collection is flying high.