Candy Pop combines butter-covered fingers with Butterfingers.
butterfinger popcorn
Credit: bhofack2 / Getty Images

Finally, there's a popcorn that won't just give you butterfingers—it'll let you eat them. Posted on Instagram by snack/fast food review site The Impulsive Buy, the Butterfinger-orange-and-blue bag promises a combination of tastes and textures even the most avid popcorn lover has probably yet to experience.

The photo, taken by contributor Carla at a WinCo Foods grocery store, shows the new snack is part of the Candy Pop line of candy-coated popcorn, which PopSugar reports, seems to be from the same brand behind Cookie Pop, a similarly intense-looking cookies 'n' cream popcorn. The Butterfinger Candy Pop is described as "candy meets popcorn," with "great Butterfinger taste in every crunch." So it's probably closer to kettle corn than "buttered" on the flavored popcorn spectrum.

Though Candy Pop's particularly candified form of popcorn seems to be the first of its kind, it may not be the last popcorn innovation that will pop off this year. Between 2016 and 2017, popcorn sales did their best impression of a bag of microwaved bag of popcorn by growing 16.9 percent, meaning demand is as high as ever.

The potential dawn of popcorn's "third golden age," following its first during the rise of movie theaters and second with the spread of microwaves, is the result of a combination of factors centering around home consumption. With more home media options than ever thanks to streaming services, more people are buying popcorn (Butterfinger or otherwise) to eat in their living rooms, and without the limits of a movie theater's inventory, the variety can continue to grow.

On the other hand, the other big cause for popcorns growth probably doesn't apply here since it's that popcorn is increasingly viewed as a healthy snack. For those times you can't choose between popcorn or candy, though, Candy Pop seems determined to expand your flavor palate one candy bar at a time.