New Balance and Miller Lite Designed a 'Dad Shoe' Beer Koozie

Fifty of these "first-ever shoe-meets-koozie" collaborations will be given away to beer lovers on Father's Day.

Clichés change over time. When I was growing up, Miller Lite — which launched in the '70s — was definitely a "dad" brand of beer, and (true to form) my own father wore New Balance sneakers. I'm a dad myself now, and you're more likely to catch me wearing gum soles and sipping an IPA… just like all my other father friends. But I'll always have a soft spot for NBs and MLs because the nostalgia of days gone by is still part of my life. In that regard, Miller Lite and New Balance have hit it out of the park with a collaboration announced today: The Shoezie — a single New Balance sneaker specifically sized to fit your beer, not your feet.

New Balance x Miller Lite shoe-shaped beer holder
Miller Lite

Billed as "the first-ever shoe-meets-koozie" — and specifically timed for Father's Day, of course — these limited-edition Shoezies are shockingly similar to sneakers in look and feel. They're crafted from the same materials used for the classic New Balance 624 Trainer, with the brand writing that they are "nearly identical to the 624 Trainer but fitted for your beer" featuring a "rubber sole and breathable leather [that] will keep beers cold, supported, and comfortable."

"As The Original Light Beer, we are proud to celebrate all things beer and all things dad, and the Shoezie does just that," Sofia Colucci, vice president of marketing for the Miller family of brands, stated. "When we dreamed up the Shoezie, there was only one brand to bring it to life and that was the maker of the classic 'Dad Shoe,' New Balance. Together we want to thank all dads out there for keeping the grass cut, grilling those perfect meats, agreeing to the family dog, and of course, raising a Miller Lite, one can at a time."

New Balance x Miller Lite shoe-shaped beer holder
Miller Lite

Jeff McAdams, vice president of global marketing for New Balance, seconded that notion, adding, "The Shoezie brings together two brands that confidently celebrate their connection with dads."

So how do you get a Shoezie for your dad? Unfortunately, unless you are one of "a handful of iconic influencer dads or those known for their love of dad fashion," the only way you could have scored this shoe for your brew is to have entered a Father's Day sweepstakes at

But hey, if you don't win one, no biggie. It's just your chance to live another modern fatherhood cliché: Keeping half an eye on your child while you overpay for collectibles through the eBay app on your phone. Modern fatherhood is so much cooler... right?

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