By Mike Pomranz
Updated April 12, 2016
© Cole Madden

If you have roommates, you know the deal—when you head out to grab some food, the polite thing to do is to ask anyone within earshot if they’d like you to bring them something back. Sure, you’re doing those lazy jerks a favor, but next time, when the tables are turned, hopefully they’ll grab something for you.

Now imagine if everyone with a smartphone was your figurative roommate. That’s kinda the gist of a crazy new food app called Foodida. The company describes what they’re doing as crowdsourcing fast food delivery, and though the other users aren’t bringing you food as a favor – you pay a fee for each delivery – it not only turns everyone on the app into a potential food delivery guy, it also offers users the chance to earn some cash anytime they swing by a fast food restaurant.


“We are a community that allows everyone to either order food or make money doing a delivery with one seamless app experience,” Stefan Fraas, the CEO of Foodida, told VentureBeat. “If someone craves fast food they can either go out and get their own food, and while doing so can pick up food for someone else and make a few bucks, or they can stay home and have it delivered to them by another Foodida user. The decision is theirs: Go for the convenience or go for the cash.” Think of it as Uber where there is no difference between the riders and the drivers: All users can take on either role at any time.

For now, the southern California-based company is only operational in Santa Monica, Venice, Thousand Oaks and the San Fernando Valley, but Foodida hopes that the concept will catch on and grow. “Why not bring someone else’s Starbucks when you are getting your own?” asked Fraas. “That makes yours free. We are not looking for people who want jobs. We want people who want to monetize their errands.”

And if you’re willing to drive out of your way to drop off a quesalupa for someone, you may not be the sort of person who wants a job anyway. It’s so crazy it just might work.