By Mike Pomranz
Updated January 23, 2015
Courtesy of Modern Appsolutions

The app store is flooded with options to help you find a restaurant that won't disappoint, but what about a restaurant that won't get you sick? What the Health hopes to be the solution to all your dining paranoia.

What the Health is a series of apps, broken down by state, that puts restaurant health inspection information into an easily digestible format for your smartphone. Co-founder Jake Van Dyke told Eater they were inspired after they "found it hard or cumbersome to get the health inspection information for restaurants.” Right now, if you live in Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, Alabama, Louisiana, Virginia, North Carolina or Washington, DC, you can use the app to easily access info lifted directly from government websites. More states are coming soon, with New York next on the chopping block.

The app uses GPS to automatically provide you information on the 100 restaurants that are closest to you, allowing you to easily choose an establishment that meets your high personal cleanliness standards. That is, assuming you made it out of your hypoallergenic bubble.

But all joking aside, What the Health was built out of a feeling of necessity. Though every state provides health inspection information online, few make that information easy to find or sort. If a restaurant does raise any red flags, this could be a handy way to find out. Possibly even more importantly, putting all that info into customers’ hands can help make all restaurants feel the need to be more accountable.

[h/t Eater]