From exotic ketchup to crunchy cookies, our picks of the best.

The F&W staff taste-tested dozens of different kinds of natural foods to find the most delicious.

Cane Sugars

© Terry Monk

1. Cane Sugars

by Essential are flavored with real ingredients like raspberries and vanilla bean, not extracts. $9 for 5 oz;

Corn Chips

© Terry Monk

2. Corn Chips

by Food Should Taste Good have a pure corn flavor. $5 for 11 oz;


© Terry Monk

3. Biscotti

from Florence’s Santa Maria Novella are scented with almonds and a floral liqueur; the shortbread is made with rose butter. $20 for 160 gm; 800-362-3677.

Stocking a Natural Pantry

© Terry Monk

4. Cereal

by Me & Goji can be custom-blended with more than 50 choices, including spelt and pistachios. From $5 for 600 gm;

Chocolate Bars

Courtesy of Q. Bel

5. Chocolate Bars

by Q.bel layer Belgian chocolate with rice wafers. $2 for 1 oz;


© Terry Monk

6. Ketchups

by Dulcet, such as peppery Moroccan, are inspired by sauces from around the world. $6 for 14 oz;

7. Baked Fruit Chips

from Sonoma Crisps now feature apple flavors. $2 for 20 gm;

8. Fruit-and-Nut Bars

by Kind Plus include mango-macadamia with extra calcium. $2 at Starbucks.

9. Liqueurs

by Loft Organics are made with aromatics like lemongrass. $30 for 375 ml;

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