The Sternsteiger Achilles line of knives is made from a single piece of metal.  

The promise of a better knife has been tantalizing home chefs for generations. Before the Internet, many innovative new knives were touted in infomercials. But now, crowdfunding sites seem to be the preferred advertising medium for new knife creators. In recent years, we’ve seen campaigns for knives “inspired by NASA,” fully integrated into their cutting board, and specifically designed to clean lamb bones. And now, German company Sternsteiger is the latest brand to take a knife launch to Kickstarter, advertising its line of Achilles knives, which promise to be “the ultimate ergonomic kitchen experience.”

The feature that seems to make Achilles’ knives special is “a uniquely designed handle that fits perfectly into your hand and provides the best possible grip, even if your hands, or the knife itself are wet,” according to the campaign.

The patented “unibody” design is forged from a single piece of metal—at first glance, it looks like the handle is missing—featuring a striking hole right where blade and handle meet. “It is a point that provides balance and grip to the knife,” the Kickstarter campaign states.

“The hole sits at the knives' point of balance and allows you to put a finger into it for optimal pressure distribution while cutting.”

Sternsteiger also boasts this knife design won a 2018 German Design Award.

The series offers three different knives, all with similar designs: a smaller paring knife, a serrated bread knife, and a chef’s knife. Interested backers can put down their money in the hopes of receiving individual knives or the entire set including a knife stand. If you score early-bird pricing, pledges start at about $60, $75 and $120 respectively. Delivery is slated for September of this year.

Of course, with crowdfunding campaigns, it’s always important to take extra caution because delivery is never guaranteed. But hey, if you’ve been looking for a new chef's knife to try, this one could be worth the wait.