Credit: © Structur3d Printing

Everyone in line at the Nutella bar needs to go home and log on to Kickstarter, because there is a new way to eat the chocolate-hazelnut spread. A Canadian company called Structur3D Printing has invented an add-on that will fit almost any 3-D printer, and print whatever you want made of Nutella.* Though 3-D printed food is not an entirely new phenomenon, what makes Structur3D’s work different is its versatility and ease of use. Most 3-D printers print only with plastic, and those that do print food are designed specifically for that purpose. So if you want to make, say, a shower wine glass holder as well as a Nutella selfie you would have to invest in two totally separate machines.

Structur3D’s extruder fixes that problem by giving you an attachment that will work on a range of printers, making your sweets printing much easier. We should note that the extruder does have several other uses. It works with silicone, clay, polyurethane and wood filler, among other materials that previously posed challenges in the maker world.

Honestly, while we like wood filler as much as the next guy, the idea of a Nutella self-portrait is too good to pass up. For a $50 contribution to Structur3D’s Kickstarter, that could be a reality. They’ll create your Facebook profile picture in Nutella and put it on a graham cracker and send you a high-res photo. That’s better than the Nutella and toast you usually order.

Here you can see the extruder at work printing all kinds of different materials.

* - Keep in mind there are structural limitations to Nutella.