Aggretsuko loves beer and heavy metal karaoke and hates her office job.
Sanrio Netflix series
Credit: Taro Karibe/Getty Images

Last year, Sanrio introduced possibly one of its most relatable characters: An adorable red panda in a blue business suit named Aggretsuko—who hates her office job so much she’s often prone to fits of rage. How does she let off some steam in her downtime? By singing heavy metal karaoke and chugging beer, of course!

Now, Aggretsuko is getting her own anime show on Netflix, which is set to premiere later this spring. According to the trailer, our heroine is always stressed out, in a rush, and fielding requests to file huge stacks of paper and make cup after cup of tea from her demanding superiors. But she has a secret: Off the clock, Aggretsuko heads down to her local karaoke spot and lets out all her pent up rage on the karaoke machine. Sounds like a reasonable coping mechanism.

Last January, when the character was first introduced, Sanrio explained that Aggretsuko didn’t expect that she’d spend her “prime,” working in an office job and that despite her cute appearance she’s actually full of aggression and anger against her co-workers, whom she secretly despises.

Aggretsuko might be a cute little red panda, but her rage is relatable. Who among us hasn’t felt downtrodden, taken advantage of, and otherwise steamrolled at work? I mean, isn’t that why beer was invented? To help cope with the stress of daily life? Aggretsuko might be an anime animal, but she’s actually all of us. As for her obsession with heavy metal, well everyone deals with the monotony of life in different ways.

Aggretsuko’s show will premiere on April 20 on Netflix, and it already looks like it will be the perfect antidote to Hello Kitty’s charmed life. And next time you’re feeling frustrated at work, why not take a page out of Aggretsuko’s book: Pour yourself a beer, turn up your music, and embrace the rage.