Is Antoni Porowski the new Ted Allen?

queer eye on netflix
Credit: Courtesy of Carin Baer / Netflix

Netflix released the first trailer for its Queer Eye For The Straight Guy reboot, and with it comes our first real look at its Food & Wine expert Antoni Porowski.

The American reality TV series became famous for its fun, funny and “fabulous” approach to male makeovers. But Bravo’s Emmy award-winning show got a major makeover of its own after Netflix announced last year it was rebooting Queer Eye for a modern audience. Partly responsible for launching the careers of several of its stars, including its former Food & Wine expert and current Chopped host Ted Allen, Queer Eye was not only an overnight TV success (at one point even sparking a spin-off), but a significant part of the early 2000s wave of groundbreaking gay-inclusive media. As the Netflix trailer notes, the series encouraged more tolerance towards members LGBTQ community during a cultural turning point.

Now, the series is back with a slightly different aim, expanding beyond the lives of its subjects and into the worlds of its hosts. Ultimately, the new Queer Eye will more deeply explore aspects of the modern queer experience and the road to acceptance. Following a premise and format nearly identical to its predecessor, Netflix and its “Fab 5” will expand beyond New York City to help Americans across the country revamp themselves and “make America fabulous again.” Like the original, it will see its team of “make-better” artists focusing in on five distinct areas: grooming, fashion, culture, interior design, and, of course, food and wine. Last December, Entertainment Weekly introduced viewers to the reboot’s cast, including Porowski, who has a direct connection to the series original culinary expert. Allen hired Porowski as his personal chef, and the new Queer Eye Food & Wine expert would become Allen’s protégé.

Queer Eye creator David Collins describes Porowski as “filled with passion” and “scarily smart.”

“Ted sent him our way and we couldn’t be happier,” Collins told EW. “He’s so, so smart, he’s very well read, and his sense of passion and taste is beautiful as well.”

You get a small sense of Porowski’s approach to food in the reboot’s first trailer, which Netflix released yesterday. In the nearly two-minute sneak peek, Porowski touches on how food and one’s diet can create possibility, as see a colorful plate being prepared presumably by the chef himself.

If you’re ready to see food, fashion, design, love, and more differently, you can catch the first season of Netflix’s Queer Eye reboot when it releases on February 7.