Get ready to watch more amateur bakers try their best to recreate trendy Pinterest desserts.
nailed it on netflix
Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

If you absolutely adored watching home bakers without much experience try to bake complex, multi-tier cakes in the shape of sharks and unicorns, sometimes to unexpected success, but often times to hilarious (but good-natured) failure, then you will be pleased to hear that the Netflix baking show Nailed It! has been renewed for a second season.

What makes Nailed It! work so well is not that the audience is laughing at people who are struggling. Instead, we’re rooting for the bakers, knowing full well that there’s no way we could complete the near-impossible task of putting together, say, a three-tiered cake in the shape of a castle, complete with a red fondant dragon, even if we had a full day, let alone two hours, with a $10,000 prize hanging in the balance.

The bakers on Nailed It!—even if their creations are far from perfect—end up being more admirable in the end because they don’t give up even when they’re frustrated or at a loss. They are consistently determined, self-aware, and inventive. Of course, viewers hope the cakes come together in the end, but it's the bakers' ingenuity that makes them such a pleasure to watch. The competitors on Nailed It! aren't experts, but watching them cook is more fun than watching a seasoned chef precisely because they don't always know the answer, so they're making up the rules as they go along—often to hilarious effect (who knew a microwave could be so consistently misused?).

When Food & Wine chatted with Jacques Torres and Nicole Byer, the co-hosts of Nailed It!, they both pointed out that what makes the show so strong is that balance between Torres’ technical knowledge and Byer’s comedy chops. Torres dispenses practical baking advice, while Byer is on hand to make light of a process that could be bogged down in stress with her goofball antics (in one segment of the show, she distracts the bakers on command using a repertoire of weird noises and improvised dance moves).

Netflix also renewed the hit remake of Queer Eye for Straight Guy, re-named simply Queer Eye for another season. Antoni Porowski, the show’s food expert, spoke with Food & Wine about the challenges of teaching basic cooking skills to men who have often never entered the kitchen before, as well as how rewarding it can be to watch someone learn how to cook for his family.