Here's how you can win a chance to compete on the "baking fail" show. 

Have you ever tuned in to Nailed It! on Netflix and thought to yourself “I could totally nail these challenges?” Or maybe you’re just a superstar home baker who uses Pinterest for all your dessert inspiration. Then pay attention, because the show’s host, comedian Nicole Byer, has announced a way for you to hit the Nailed It! stage and prove your skills to the world.

In a new video, Byer outlines the rules for the #bakeyourselfie contest. If you’re interested in competing on the show all you have to do is bake a sugar cookie using this recipe on the Nailed It! Facebook page. Sure, that sounds simple enough, until Byer reveals that the cookie in question has to be decorated with your likeness. Using just royal icing, you have to draw your “selfie” on that cookie. Then, when you’re finished, post a photo of yourself, alongside the cookie, with the hashtag #bakeyourselfie, and be sure to tag @nailedit, so they can find your creations.

The show isn’t all about creating perfect baked goods, though. Most people on the competition are amateur home cooks who have a history of baking fails. That means that anyone has a shot at winning a spot on the show, not just the most talented bakers among us.

Given that Byer is a comedian, bakers with hilarious, weird, or otherwise stand out results that might not be perfect but still catch her eye, might have a better chance of winning her approval. What makes Nailed It! work is not that every dish comes out technically perfect (most of the time, far from it) but that each contestant pours all of his or her hard work, focus, and creativity into the challenges, and doesn’t give up even when finishing seems impossible.

I've watched almost every episode of the show, so here's my (unsolicited) advice: If you're hoping to enter the competition, have fun with the contest and focus on making the cookie your own, personal creation, rather than making it look like something that could have been stamped out in a factory. On Nailed It! creativity and gumption almost always win out.