Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

Since it premiered back in July Stranger Things has captured the imaginations of both science fiction fans and waffle lovers. And plenty in the food and drink world have tried to piggyback on the binge worthy success of the show with everything from burgers to beer. But Netflix decided it wants the last word on the edible upside down and released to videos with a couple Stranger Things recipes of its own.

The streaming service, with the help of Ashley Holt, whipped recipes for a French Onion Barb (a post-upside down Barb melted over French onion soup) and a demagorgan pie (a pumpkin cherry combination that sounds a bit like something Eleven might have come up with after her escape). Check out both videos below and see the full recipes in the descriptions.

And for more updates on what may currently be the most reliable creator of television streaming or otherwise, head over to the Netflix YouTube page.