The series will feature Instagram-worthy dishes and a set made out of edible materials.

Credit: John Lamparski / Contributor/Getty Images

Netflix must know that there's nothing better than adding more food-related shows to our to-watch queue, because it's just announced that a new cooking competition will be premiering on the streaming platform next year. The series, which has been produced in partnership with Great British Bake Off broadcaster Channel 4, is called Crazy Delicious. Based on what we know about the program so far, it's hard to know which of those two words to focus on first.

On the 'delicious' side, the judges on the series will be a trio of celebrity chefs: two-time Top Chef contestant and cookbook author Carla Hall; Swedish chef and restaurant owner Niklas Ekstedt; and Heston Blumenthal, the Michelin-starred head of The Fat Duck. (On the show, they'll be known not just as judges, but as "Food Gods.")

Credit: Channel 4

So far, six episodes of the show have been filmed, and in each one, three contestants will be tasked with "work[ing] magic with commonplace ingredients, such as the humble carrot." Although the Gods will (obviously) take the taste of the dish into consideration, the show says that it wants to lean hard into #foodporn—that hashtag was included in Channel 4's press release—the concept, appearance, and, presumably, the Instagrammability will also be judged.

"In Crazy Delicious we’re asking for dishes that not only taste great but are also visually spectacular, emotionally powerful and nostalgic, so it’s incredibly tough! They say fortune favours the brave and to be truly creative requires bravery and a willingness to fail big time," Blumenthal said in a statement. "I was amazed at how ambitious some of the cooks were."

On the crazy side, the show will take place on, uh, an edible set, which will include a drinkable brook, snackable flowers, chocolate soil, and an "enchanted garden," where the contestants might be asked to source some of their vegetables, including those humble carrots.

The host for the series will be award-winning British comedian, writer, and food enthusiast Jayde Adams. "I love food and working with real-life food gods Heston, Carla and Niklas has been brilliant, I've learnt so much as well as being able to try so much wonderful food," she said. "I said to the universe a year ago that I wanted to host a food show and here it is! I feel like one of the luckiest women in the world."

Crazy Delicious will debut in early 2020.