The next season premieres this month.

By Adam Campbell-Schmitt
September 11, 2018

Over the course of four seasons, Netflix’s Chef’s Table has taken us behind the curtain and into the kitchens of some of the culinary world’s most prominent figures. From Magnus Nilsson to Dominique Crenn to Nancy Silverton to Christina Tosi, the series beautifully blends its exploration of chefs’ process with gorgeous images of the diverse array of dishes they create. With each episode focusing on a single culinary titan, being featured on the series is a de facto honor. Today, the streaming service revealed the next eight chefs—two whole seasons worth—who viewers of Chef’s Table will get to follow starting this month.

For season 5 of Chef’s Table, which premieres on Netflix Friday, September 28, the chefs are:

Cristina Martinez
Courtesy of Netflix

Cristina Martinez (Philadelphia, PA) - At South Philly Barbacoa, Martinez wears the roles of chef, immigrant, and activist on her sleeve with an appearance on Full Frontal With Samantha Bee focusing on undocumented workers in the food industry and a segment on David Chang’s Netflix series, Ugly Delicious.

Bo Songvisava
Courtesy of Netflix

Bo Songvisava (Bangkok, Thailand) - Songvisava is the chef behind slow-food concept Bo.Lan, which she opened in her home country after studying and working in Australia and London.

Musa Dağdeviren
Courtesy of Netflix

Musa Dağdeviren (Istanbul, Turkey) - Dağdeviren is the chef and owner of a few restaurants, including Ciya, which all focus on preserving the traditional flavors and dishes of Turkish cuisine amid an ever-Europeanizing culture.

Albert Adrià
Courtesy of Netflix

Albert Adrià (Barcelona, Spain) - Adrià previously shared the kitchen alongside his brother Ferran at Barcelona’s influential El Bulli before opening a handful of his own ventures, including Enigma which will be featured in this season of the series.

Season 6 will debut sometime in 2019 and feature the following chefs:

Mashama Bailey
Courtesy of Netflix

Mashama Bailey (Savannah, GA) - After working at Gabrielle Hamilton’s Prune in NYC, Bailey teamed up with an investor and moved down to Georgia to open The Grey, an eatery inside an old Greyhound bus station which earned a Food & Wine Restaurant of the Year nod in 2015.

Sean Brock
Courtesy of Netflix

Sean Brock (Nashville, TN) - Brock arose as a major player in the Charleston, SC dining scene as executive chef at Husk and as a partner at McCrady’s Restaurant, but earlier this year announced he’d be picking things up and heading to Nashville, TN to focus on future endeavors.

Asma Khan
Courtesy of Netflix

Asma Khan (London, U.K.) - Khan, who grew up in Calcutta, came to cooking as a second career and takes a simplistic approach to Indian flavors and dishes at her cult-favorite London restaurant, Darjeeling Express.

Dario Cecchini
Courtesy of Netflix

Dario Cecchini (Panzano, Italy) - Cecchini is a renown Tuscan butcher by trade at his shop Antica Macelleria Cecchini, but has also branched out with his own eatery, Solociccia, featuring nose-to-tail meat offerings.

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