Please make this happen.

By Adam Campbell-Schmitt
Updated May 24, 2017
netflix beers black and white background
Credit: © Razan Wehbi

Despite the innuendo implied by “Netflix and chill,” sometimes you really do want to just watch Netflix and chill out with a drink and some snacks. And while we’ve paired wine with Oscar-nominate movies and there’s a wine specifically for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt fans, it is due time beer lovers had a beverage especially brewed to accompany their binge-watching marathon (as opposed to binge-drinking, which you should probably avoid). Design student Razan Wehbi has dreamed up exactly what I’m talking about with a prospective branding project called “Netflix Beer.”

With bottles and labels in Netflix’s trademark red, black and white branding, Wehbi envisions three styles of beer, each corresponding to a different series on the on-demand video streaming service. There’s a pilsner for political drama House of Cards, a red ale for sci-fi mystery Sense8, and a stout for the hit throwback thriller Stranger Things.

house of cards
Credit: © Razan Wehbi
sense 8
Credit: © Razan Wehbi

“This is for a university project where we were briefed to choose a brand and then design a package for an edible product that would fictionally produced by that brand. The package design had to adhere to the brand's image while also maintaining product recognition.” Wehbi explains on her web portfolio.

stranger things
Credit: © Razan Wehbi

Each bottle features characters from the series and Wehbi has also given them all a cheeky tagline related to the show, like “Even darker than the upside-down” in reference to the stout and the parallel dimension in Stranger Things. The three-pack is housed in a nifty z-fold carrier for easy transportation from the fridge to the couch.

netflix beer case
Credit: © Razan Wehbi

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For my money, if you paired these imaginary beers with a few hours of commercial-free entertainment and this pizza box that also turns into a marijuana pipe, you’ve got yourself one hell of a chill session. The only thing stopping this from happening is Netflix being blind to an incredible publicity opportunity. Now if they could also deliver the beer on-demand, that would really be something.