The limited-time-only Slurpee combines Nerds original grape and strawberry flavors.

Credit: 7-Eleven

In the dead of summer, the sweltering heat alone is reason enough to retreat to 7-Eleven for an ice-cold Slurpee. But the rest of the year — i.e. starting around now — you may need a bit of additional motivation for ordering a slushy drink. Well, 7-Eleven says hold my Big Gulp. How would you feel about the first-ever Nerds candy-inspired Slurpee?

7-Eleven has collaborated with Nerds maker Ferrara Candy Company on a limited-time-only Slurpee in an exclusive flavor described as "delicious, tangy Grape and Strawberry that taste just like your favorite Nerds candy." As an added incentive, 7-Eleven says you can try a medium-sized version of the new flavor for just $1 with the 7Rewards app for a limited time at participating locations.

"Slurpee customers, particularly younger ones, love to create fun frozen treats by mixing their favorite candy and Slurpee flavors," Jacob Barnes, 7-Eleven proprietary beverages product director, said in the announcement. "When we started hearing social media chatter that people were suggesting we come out with a Nerds Slurpee, we thought it was a great idea. And, if Slurpee fans want to mix their Nerds Slurpee drinks with Nerds candy, even better. Nerds candy is one of the best-selling non-chocolate candy brands in our stores."

But why mix grape and strawberry? Well, Nerds are well-known for their two-compartment "Single Dual Chamber" box packaging. The candy debuted back in 1983, and as 7-Eleven points out, grape and strawberry were the original Dual Chamber combination, a match that still exists to this day. So yes, this Slurpee is also a bit of a history lesson.

Finally, to help promote the new Slurpees, 7-Eleven also explains, "Two Slurpee trucks, cleverly disguised as yellow school buses full of the whimsical Nerds characters, will visit college campuses and sporting events to hand out free cups of the new grape strawberry Nerds-flavored Slurpee and packages of Nerds candy. The Nerds Slurpee 2019 College Tour will make stops in Texas and Midwest states throughout the fall." So much for your stupid year off in Europe; bet you wish you had decided to go to college now!