Oreo's New Neapolitan Cookies Have Three Creme Flavors in the Middle

The ice cream-inspired cookies feature layers of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry creme sandwiched between "waffle cone" wafers.

OREO Neapolitan Sandwich Cookies
Photo: Courtesy of OREO

Oreo cookies come in many flavors and varieties. Our 2019 ranking of "every Oreo flavor we could get our hands on" — meaning what was only available at the time — featured 17 different Oreo iterations. And the brand has continued to roll out new flavors since, including the announcement of five new flavors that same year, all the way up to an unexpected half-Oreo, half-Ritz cracker concoction last month.

So what's next for Oreo? Well, you could make the argument that Oreo's next flavor isn't really a flavor at all… but three flavors. Yes, today, the cookie giant has announced that their next limited edition Oreo is Neapolitan Sandwich.

Just as Neapolitan ice cream is made up of three flavors — vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry — all served together in a single carton, likewise, Oreo Neapolitan Sandwich Cookies feature a triple layer of Oreo creme stacked on top of each other in the sandwich cookie: vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate creme. (Who knows what happens when you twist that apart?)

But then, hammering the ice cream theme home, these Neapolitan cookies make another very important swap: Instead of the classic chocolate wafers typically used as the outside of the sandwich, this variety uses two waffle cone-flavored cookies that also boast a waffle cone's signature criss-cross pattern.

Oreo touts the results as "a playful twist on ice cream," and the possibilities of an Inception-like product seem obvious: Can we please get a cookies-and-cream ice cream with a base of Neapolitan ice cream that uses Neapolitan Oreos as the cookies? Or am I just daring to dream

Regardless, Oreo made the big announcement today live on their TikTok account and the cookies start hitting shelves nationwide next month.

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