They may not be at Burger King—yet—but organic ingredients are just about everywhere else. We've picked out a few favorites and asked Michael Romano, the chef at New York's Union Square Cafe and a longtime organics booster, to share eight delicious recipes.

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The Green Guide A to Z

Here's an idiosyncratic list of Earth-friendly organizations and products that are made from organic, biodynamic, sustainably grown or simply all-natural ingredients. These innovators aren't just saving the environment——they're improving the way our food tastes, too.

associations The Organic Trade Association, for providing exhaustive information on producers ( Chefs Collaborative, for its commitment to sustainable cuisine ( Slow Food, for its worldwide advocacy of natural, locally grown and artisanal foods (

beef Superior meats from Green Circle Organics ( Deliciously beefy rib eye from Coleman (

chocolate Whole Foods luscious milk or dark chocolate and milk chocolate with hazelnuts ( Creamy milk chocolate bars from Vivani ( and Green & Black's ( Dagoba's Chocolatté bar, made with organic espresso beans (

definition The term organic refers to foods produced without chemical fertilizers, pesticides or antibiotics. For years, state and local governments issued their own standards for use of the term, but new USDA laws went into effect on October 21.

energy drink Organic coffee from Allegro, a bracing brew with rich, roasted flavors (

free-range chicken D'Artagnan's tender, juicy poultry ( The moist, flavorful birds from Eberly Poultry (

global action Willing Workers on Organic Farms, for placing volunteers on understaffed farms around the world (

herbal tea Republic of Tea's Temple of Health, an invigorating blend of ginger, cinnamon and lemongrass (

italian imports Mosto D'Uva grape juice, from an artisanal grower in Modena ( Fragolaceto, a jamlike spread of strawberries in balsamic vinegar (

juice Bionaturae's smooth, thick apricot nectar ( R.W. Knudsen Organics sweet, tart apple juice ( Lakewood Organic fresh- squeezed-tasting pineapple juice (

kitchen cleaners Bi-O-Kleen's citrus-scented, all-purpose spray, made from grapefruit seeds and cold-pressed Valencia orange oil ( Citra-Solv cleaner and degreaser for counters, stovetops and refrigerators ( Ecover's all-purpose spray (

links Organic Kitchen's Web site's list of organic restaurants, foods, farms, vineyards and gardening groups (

milk Pure-tasting milk from Natural By Nature ( and Organic Valley ( Whole Foods creamy soy milk (

not-for-profits Cookies, chips, pretzels and chocolates from Newman's Own Organics, which contributes all profits to charity (

oils Cooking oils from Hain Pure Foods, whose parent company also owns the excellent Arrowhead Mills, Health Valley, Celestial Seasonings and Bearitos (

pork California-based Niman Ranch's robust meat, loved by chefs nationwide (

questioning organics Some producers believe the regulations governing the use of the term organic favor large farms over smaller ones and condone unsustainable agricultural methods. California's Knoll Farms, among the dissenters, no longer uses the organic label on its products. Knoll's sustainably grown fruits, vegetables and herbs include plump, fabulous figs (

rice Lundberg Family Farms rice, from a 65-year-old California company dedicated to farming methods that help protect the soil (

sake Brewed using organic brown rice, Daishichi Kimoto Shizenshu Junmai, a pleasingly sharp sake (

tortilla chips Perfectly salted Bearitos (

usda farmers' market list An on-line list of local markets around the country (

vegetables Earthbound Farm watermelons, carrots, baby arugula and microgreens ( Diamond Organics samplers of vegetables, herbs and fruits; the company's glossy catalog is filled with Earth-friendly foods, health and beauty products and gift ideas (

wine Lush Viognier, lemony Chardonnay and gutsy yet polished Syrah from Bonterra Vineyards ( Sanford's elegant Pinot Noirs (805-688-3300). Château de Beaucastel's Châteauneuf-du-Pape, biodynamically produced in France's Rhône Valley, with layers of velvety fruit (

x, y, z yogurt and more Rich organic yogurts (both regular and frozen varieties) and premium ice creams from New Hampshire-based Stonyfield Farm (