Calling all people who plan their vacations around drinking. 
Credit: Rob Tilley/Getty Images

On Friday, May 25, the country will celebrate a very official, very not-made-up-at-all holiday called National Wine Day, and there are some big wine deals to snatch up.

Airbnb is one of the companies getting in on the action: Several Airbnb hosts across North America will be selling their wine experiences for just $1 dollar during a day-long "Happy Hour," from hiking wine tours in the Dundee Hills and tastings through DC wine country.

"In conjunction with National Wine Day on May 25, we wanted to celebrate the contributions that Airbnb hosts are making to North America’s wine regions," reads a release from Airbnb. "Some of these are old favorites, like California’s Napa County, while others are gaining national prominence, like Texas Hill Country, but they all are dotted with incredible Airbnb homes and Airbnb hosts." Destinations include North American wine regions like Sonoma County, Willamette Valley, Baja, Mexico, and the Fingerlakes.

It seems like Airbnb is attempting to position itself as a go-to site for booking wine experiences, tastings, and tours, which are growing increasingly popular across the country. According to data they collected, Sonoma County Airbnb hosts welcomed roughly 193,700 guests in 2017, many of those people in the area to explore vineyards and wineries.

The wine experiences that will be sold for $1 on May 25 will take place on May 26 and 27, so you have to have an open Memorial Day weekend if you want to take advantage of the deals.

Below are some experiences participating in the $1 sale on Friday:

Dynamic Oregon wines (Portland, OR)

Explore DC wine country (Washington, DC)

Of course, you can also go ahead and craft your own North American wine experiences. Here's our handy guide to where to eat and drink in the Willamette Valley, our comprehensive guide to the best Fingerlake wineries, and our little wine tour of Texas Hill Country.