It really is the perfect food. 
Potato Chips
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No disrespect to Pi Day (the annual day of celebration for the mathematical constant pi, as well as, you know, pies), but it's not the only food holiday that falls on March 14. That's right, today is also National Potato Chip Day, the savory counterpart to Pi Day's festival of flaky crust and fruit filling. Chips really are the perfect food, if you think about it: they're the ideal salty snack, they amp up any sandwich (Kettle Brand's Jalapeno flavor works especially well here), and you can even use them to scoop up scrambled eggs at breakfast (get on board). So, to celebrate this momentous occasion, we've rounded up five of our all-time favorite chip (and dip!) recipes, from classic Idaho potato chips to herb-infused and sweet potato varieties.

Herbed Potato Chips

Herbed Potato Chips
Credit: © John Kernick

The trick here is to fry fresh herbs in hot oil until they're crispy, infusing the oil with flavor before it's ready for those potato slices.

Baked Sweet Potato Chips

Baked Sweet Potato Chips

Sweet potatoes, olive oil, salt and pepper is all you need for these simple chips.

These addictive homemade chips are fried in olive oil for a bright flavor, and a dusting of black pepper gives them an extra kick.

Potato Chips With Whipped Beurre Blanc

Potato Chips with Whipped Beurre Blanc
Credit: © Con Poulos

Chef Dave Beran loves the combination of Champagne and potato chips. For this dip, he took inspiration from the classic French butter sauce beurre blanc, spiked with shallots, wine vinegar and herbs.

Idaho Potato Chips

Potato Chips and Pretzels
Credit: Courtesy of PureWow

Stockpilers, rejoice: You can totally throw that bag of Lay's in the freezer for a few months and pull out any time for crispy, snacky goodness.

Courtesy of PureWow Courtesy of PureWow

A true classic. Check out the recipe for tips on getting perfectly crispy chips every time.

Potato Chips With Chevre, Pepper Jelly, and Bacon

Pro tip: use extra-crispy, thick-cut potato chips as the base for quick hors d'oeuvres. Here, we top them with creamy goat cheese, sweet-spicy pepper jelly and smoky bacon. If you're feeling extra ambitious, make your chips from scratch with the above Idaho Potato Chips recipe.