Where to Get Free Food on National Cheeseburger Day

A bunch of major chains are celebrating the September 18 "holiday."

A person holds a delicious fast food cheeseburger
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Over the past decade, I've cut my beef consumption for ethical and environmental reasons; and yet, to this day, I will wholeheartedly argue that, when executed properly, the cheeseburger is the perfect food. How can you top meat and cheese contained within the ideal handheld package: the bun?

To honor this incredible menu item, someone decided to declare September 18 as National Cheeseburger Day. The origins are unclear, but Google Trends shows that the date started to gain traction in 2012, meaning celebrations are now a decade strong.

This year is no exception with plenty of burger chains offering cheeseburger deals. Here are some of the biggest ones we've seen:

McDonald's: No one sells more cheeseburgers than McDonald's, and on September 18, the chain will be giving away a free cheeseburger through the McDonald's app with just a $1 minimum purchase. But to add some intrigue to the offer, the type of cheeseburger the chain will be offering is still up for grabs — today is the last day for users to vote for which freebie they'd most like to see: a classic Cheeseburger, Double Cheeseburger, or McDouble. The winner will be announced tomorrow leaving four days of free cheeseburger anticipation.

Dairy Queen: On National Cheeseburger Day, DQ is keeping it simple, offering $1 off any of their Signature Stackburgers when ordered as a standalone item through the DQ app.

Jack in the Box: The California-based burger chain is also celebrating National Cheeseburger Day with an offer through their app: Customers can get a Jumbo Jack Cheeseburger for $2 with any in-app purchase.

Smashburger: Customers can take advantage of a buy one get one free deal by using the promo code BOGO22 both in-store and online.

Wayback Burgers: Also going the BOGO route, Wayback will celebrate September 18 by offering a buy one get one free deal on their classic burger when purchased through the Wayback Burgers' app.

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