Which is a holiday that didn't exist until now. 
Tillamook Cheddar Giveaway
Credit: Courtesy of Tillamook

There are a lot of (occasionally dubious) national food holidays on this year's calendar. Did you know, for example, that today is National Plum Pudding Day? Or that July 16 is National Coffee Milkshake Day? And now we have a new addition: National Cheddar Day, which is tomorrow, February 13.

Yes, cheese manufacturer Tillamook hit up the National Day Calendar (the keeper of these things) and Cheddar Day was born. In case you were wondering, most of these unofficial food holidays are dreamed up by a company looking to garner some buzz for their products. The submissions are then vetted by a man named Marlo Anderson, who runs the National Day Calendar out of an office for a VHS digitizing company called Zoovio in Mandan, North Dakota. For the past six years, Anderson has designated special days for everything from strawberry rhubarb wine (requested by strawberry rhubarb winemaker Maple River Winery) to thermal engineers (requested by a company that, yes, employs thermal engineers). The more you know!

But back to National Cheddar Day. To mark the occasion, Tillamook is giving away a literal ton of cheddar to cheese fans across the country. The first 1,000 people in select cities (Los Angeles, Denver, Dallas, Washington D.C., and Atlanta) to mention National Cheddar Day (#NationalCheddarDay), use the cheese emoji, and tag @Tillamook in a Twitter post on February 13 will receive a two pound block of the brand's "golden medium cheddar." It'll be delivered to your door within two hours, which is just enough time to invite everyone you know over for grilled cheese.

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