By Noah Kaufman
Updated June 04, 2015
© Narwhal Bacon Box

The curated subscription box industry has exploded in the last year with everything from cosmetics to cocktails, but one underserved segment of the subscription-loving public is the world of Reddit. The self-proclaimed “front page of the Internet” has launched countless products to viral stardom, and now a team of users will send you those products monthly. Narwhal Bacon Box, which takes its name from a question a Redditor asks someone to find out if they too are a Redditor, pulls its items from almost every SFW category on the site. The first box, which is available for preorder and will ship later this summer, features 5-8 items, including the mash-up of two undying trends—Sriracha bacon jerky, the inexplicable Banana Bunker and a book from the Oatmeal.

For the first installation, all the products are curated by the Narwhal Bacon Box team. But in typical Reddit fashion, future boxes will be put together in a more democratic way. Founder Chase Williams told us the company will allow existing members to vote on which products should be included in the future.

It’s nearly impossible to sift through every viral product on the Internet, so it’s about time someone did it for you. Also, this is an excellent way to get yourself a Banana Bunker without embarrassing credit card evidence that you did so.

Also, if anyone is curious, the narwhal bacons at midnight. And if you don’t know what that means, you should probably hit Reddit a little harder.