Nighty night.
napping cafe in japan
Credit: © Nescafe Harajuku Café

Right now in Japan, you can go to a café for the best nap of your life. Filled with $9000 beds, mood lighting that is under your control, and Sony Walkman-and-headphone sets loaded up with snoozy, smooth saxophone music, the Sleep Cafe is pretty much the ideal napping experience. All you have to do is buy at least one food item, and you'll be allowed to take a two-hour nap in one of the ten napping stations. Bonus: your nap comes with a free cup of decaf coffee.

If taking a nap this relaxing in the middle of the day seems a bit dubious, don’t worry. According to RocketNews24, not only do customers get that free cup of decaf to help them drift off, but, on waking, they're also greeted with a cup of caffeinated coffee. So basically, the whole coffee-consuming experience is perfectly coordinated to give you the best nap possible.

Sadly for longterm nap café prospects, the Sleep Café is a temporary pop-up from Nescafe and France Bed. It’s not the first time a promotional pop-up occupied the Nescafe Harajuku spacethough. There was that one time the café turned into a museum dedicated entirely to KitKats. The pop-up will be open until March 26th, when the space will turn back into the regular, bed-free café.

Japanese bed company France Bed is supplying the 980,000 Yen (about $8700) beds. It's part of a promotion to celebrate World Sleep Day, an event hosted by the World Association of Sleep Medicine to raise awareness of sleep disorders, which fell on March 17th this year. So dim your smartphone-controlled sleep lights, slap some headphones on, and drift off to the sounds of smooth jazz in a totally public café. One question though, when you wake up, will they let you stay and use the wi-fi?