'Nailed It!' is Coming Back for a 4th Season, And Not a Minute Too Soon

Watch the trailer for the return of Netflix's hilariously bad baking showcase.

NailedIt! Season 4 Return
Photo: Netflix

Although it's the first week of self-isolation or sheltering in place for most of us, let's see a quick show of (just washed) hands if you've already blown through your Netflix queue? Before you shrug and decide to watch Stranger Things for the third time—not that there's anything wrong with that—we wanted to let you know that the fourth season of Nailed It! is coming your way soon.

The new trailer for the always delightful, always hilarious baking competition has been released, and it looks like the new episodes will be exactly what we've been waiting for since we binge-watched season three in a single weekend last spring. Hosts Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres are back, as are the sweetly inept home bakers who compete for that $10,000 prize. But season four also has a few firsts for the show, including letting the contestants' kids join them in the kitchen.

As always, there are celebrity guest judges who have, for some reason, agreed to taste test all of those lopsided, misshapen, and just all-around awful baked goods. This year, the brave participants include Parks and Recreation actor Adam Scott, Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast Gabby Douglas, and comedian Fortune Feimster. ("I want a good cake," Feimster sighs in the trailer. "That's the only reason I came here." Ohhhh Fortune… have you seen this show before?)

"Oh my god, the queen is back," one YouTube commenter wrote of Byer, and they're totally right: her brilliant personality is as much as what makes Nailed It! a must watch as all those honestly terrifying cakes. "I don't really cook or bake, but when I do you better believe it's from a box and/or it will be burnt, and I'm drinking wine as I fuck it up," she told Food & Wine just before the show debuted in 2018. "I reheat a lot of things and once I put one of those cardboard McDonald's containers into the toaster oven and it caught fire. And that was wild."

Maybe that's why she's always so funny without ever really making fun of the contestants, or doing anything to diminish their love for baking: because she totally knows what it's like when what comes out of your oven doesn't even look like it's from the same planet as what's pictured in the cookbook or on the box.

Regardless, that's why we love this show—and it couldn't be coming back at a better time.

Season four of Nailed It! premiers on Wednesday, April 1 on Netflix.

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