Academy Award-winning actor Michael Douglas served as guest judge.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated August 16, 2019

The baking show Nailed It! is already good for a laugh. You get to see non-professionals attempt to replicate the work of professionals — and it's not like they're building a house where someone could get sent to the hospital. They're making cakes. Worst case scenario, the cakes are still packed with delicious sugar. These are very tasty stakes (well, most of the time).

The Netflix original series dropped its most recent six episodes in May, and sadly for fans, details about when a fourth season may be coming are very slim. But in the meantime, co-host Nicole Byer stopped by The Late Late Show this week, giving James Corden a chance to add his own comedic spin to the show's baking fail premise.

"We gave the staffers one hour to recreate this masterpiece," Corden says, gesturing towards a professional cake version of his own bust. "Wait, how long?" Byer asks. "An hour," Corden clarifies, sending Byer into a fit of laughter. (Meanwhile, Michael Douglas, who happened to be the night's other guest, looks at the cake with awe in the background.)

It doesn't take long to get to the reveal either, and honestly, there's no amount of transcription or description I can write here that would replicate the experience of watching the final five minutes of this video yourself. (A video of a crappily decorated cake is apparently worth even more than a thousand words.) I can tell you the cakes all look terrible, but you knew that was coming. Byer's take: "They're all delightful and terrifying in their own way." The Nailed It! money gun even makes a cameo, so that's probably worth your time right there!

So hopefully that clip will tide you over until Byer, Jacques Torres, and the gang return at some point in the undisclosed future. But if not, try checking out this post where we featured a couple of our favorite clips from the show's first season.