It's a hot mess (in the best way possible). 

nailed it on netflix
Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

Why watch a cooking show about people who can actually cook? That's the question posed by Nailed It!, Netflix's super popular reality competition series, in which three home bakers attempt to recreate Pinterest-worthy edible masterpieces (under a serious time crunch)—with results that often go terribly, delightfully wrong. Netflix ordered a second season of the show just two weeks after its March 2018 premiere (part two debuted towards the end of June), and it looks like the streaming service is sticking to that lightning-fast timeline by dropping Nailed It!'s holiday episodes—which kind of count as a third season, right?—on Friday, December 7.

Hosts Nicole Byer (an improv comedian who previously starred in the series Loosely Exactly Nicole) and Jacques Torres (legendary pastry chef and chocolatier) are back, and, if this seven-episode installment of Nailed It! is anything like previous ones, they'll do an inspiring job of remaining calm and polite while eating some very questionable baked goods. While this season appears to be themed (expect lots of elaborate Christmas and Hanukkah-centric treats), the prize remains the same—$10,000 to the baker whose creation is the most impressive (or, given the context, the least-bad).

One major development: Wes, the assistant director who Byer frequently summons from backstage throughout seasons one and two, has a dramatic new look. And Byer is not happy about it (check out the clip above to see what we mean).

In other Netflix-related news, The Great British Baking Show is set to debut a one-off holiday special on Friday, November 30. Hosted by Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith, the episode will welcome “some favorite bakers back to the tent for a holiday confection competition.” And, if Netflix's holiday sizzle real (below) is to be believed, viewers can expect to see a giant musical number outside of said famous tent.