Apparently it even tastes like Italian sparkling wine. 

By Clara Olshansky
Updated May 24, 2017
prosecco flavored nail polish
Credit: © Groupon

For the ultimate treat-yo-self manicure, you can now give your fingernails the royal treatment with prosecco-flavored nail polish. This polish, created by Groupon, is actually made with prosecco. Just note that while a Groupon for it claims you can even lick the polish to get some of the prosecco flavor the all-caps DO NOT DRINK warning on the product page tells another story.

The nail polish was released to celebrate Mother's Day, which, fun fact, was last Sunday in the U.K. The polish hasn't gone on sale yet—it's coming in May, according to Refinery29, which is pretty conveniently timed with U.S. Mother's Day, May 14th. In the mean time, over 10,000 GrouponUK users have entered the sweepstakes to win a free bottle.

Groupon even released a promotional video for the product that really emphasizes the whole you-can-lick-it angle with lines like "Zero calorie varnish" and "Tastes and smells just like the real thing!" But if you want the taste of prosecco badly enough to lick straight nail polish, you might want to consider just having a glass of prosecco. (If you really just want to eat some nail polish, you can also buy edible nail polish elsewhere.)

If you do end up buying a bottle of Groupon's Prosecco nail polish, you might as well go all out and become a prosecco expert by learning some little-known prosecco facts. Or you could go really crazy and grow your own prosecco to match your nail polish. Either way, here's to the glitziest, booziest manicure you'll ever have.