The 'Late Late Show' segment features James Corden and Seth Rogen as unconventional pizza delivery guys. 

By Elisabeth Sherman
Updated June 23, 2017
CBS Photo Archive / Contributor / Getty Images 

Los Angeles is full of celebrities, so would it be a huge surprise if a couple of them showed up to your door with pizza?

On a recent episosde of The Late Late Show, in which James Corden and his friend Seth Rogen drive around Los Angeles delivering pizzas from Primo Pizza to unsuspecting fans, is about more than just surprising people with a pepperoni pie. The pair arrive with two boxes, one which contains their original pizza – hot, cheesy, delicious, and hard to pass up, and another mystery box, that contains a prize “which may be better or significantly worse than their pizza,” as Corden puts it. If you choose the mystery pizza box, you have to forfeit the pizza you had originally ordered, and waited for. It could be a hard choice if you’ve been hungrily waiting on dinner for an hour, but then again you can always reorder pizza. You can’t reorder a visit from Seth Rogen.

Spoiler alert: Corden was not kidding – some of the prizes are a lot worse, and weirder, than a good old reliable pizza. And of course everybody chooses the mystery box. When a comedian shows up to your door and offers you a mystery prize, you should always accept.

Dominic Cooper, who stars in the show Preacher, also makes an guest experience in the segment, and no, you won’t be able to guess what Corden has him doing.

Corden is known for pulling some hilarious stunts. He once got notorious tough-guy Gordon Ramsay to crack up while driving Corden to the airport.

As funny as Corden is maybe next time he could do everyone a favor, and just deliver regular pizzas to people instead of forcing them to make the heartwrenching choice between a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a freshly baked pie. That's just cruel.