We tried them and gave it our best guess.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated September 26, 2019
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Two years ago, as part of Oreo's constant parade of new varieties, the brand unleased a Mystery Oreo flavor. As the name implied, customers wouldn't be told what the flavor was on the packaging, but they could guess for a chance to win $50,000. Our highly skilled tasting team surmised that these cookies tasted like cereal milk — and though we didn't win any cash, we were essentially right. (Technically, they were Fruity Pebbles flavored, but we didn't realize we were supposed to shill for Post with our guess!)

Recently, a new, more self-reflexive Oreo mystery has emerged: When would the second edition of Oreo's Mystery Oreo contest return? Back in June, the brand let leak that Mystery Oreos would be hitting shelves again this year. Well, finally, the mystery of the mystery has been solved: Today, Oreo announced that a completely different Mystery Oreo will arrive nationwide on September 16 — and the $50,000 prize is back as well.

For the record, Mystery Oreos look exactly like regular Oreos (chocolate wafers and white creme filling); however, their flavor "could be anything," the brand explains, "from a combination of two current Oreo flavors to an entirely new flavor." Yes, it could even be a name-brand cereal!

Mystery Oreo
Credit: Oreo

Think you know what it is? Cookie sleuths are encouraged to go to MysteryOreo.com to submit guesses until November 10. Even if you taste the cookies and aren't entirely sure, don't let that deter you: Oreo allows you to submit a new guess every single day. That's 25 opportunities to prove how unskilled your taste buds are! After the contest is closed, one grand prize winner will be selected at random from all of the correct answers. If 2017 is any indication, the flavor should be officially announced in early December.

Of course, you're also allowed to seek expert advice, and since we nailed it last year, we're back again with our best guess. Oreo sent us a preview pack, and after chowing down, we (nearly) all came to the same initial conclusion: Oatmeal cookie. There's a distinct cinnamon scent right off the bat. Then there are tart and malty notes which lead us to wonder if it was iced oatmeal cookies (and hey, Nabisco even makes iced oatmeal cookies!). But there's a bit of grittiness in the creme as well, perhaps evoking a dusting of cinnamon sugar. Cinnamon Toast Crunch comes to mind, but would Oreo dare go with a cereal flavor again?

Then we spotted the clue provided on the pack. We won't share it here to maintain the thrill of the search, but a little research and digging helped us come to a pretty solid conclusion: Churro Oreos.

That said, unless your tastebuds give you the same answer right away, you'll need to follow the clues directly from the source. "Oreo will be dropping plenty of helpful hints along the way," the brand writes. "Oreo is releasing three Mystery Oreo packs with different clues on each. Each week, Oreo will reveal more case-solving secrets as a part of the #MysteryMonday series on OREO's Facebook page and MysteryOREO.com."

Mystery Oreo
Credit: Tracey Patterson/Getty Images

So there you have it. Yes, winning the $50,000 won't be easy, but with all of this help, you should at least be able to grab bragging rights among your friends. That's pretty valuable: We're still talking about how we nailed it two years later.