By Mike Pomranz
Updated December 17, 2014
© ClassicStock / Alamy

The holidays are a time for giving. Some people take this to mean it’s a time to give their significant other a new smart TV they can use to binge-watch Netflix together. Others actually take the idea of giving to heart.

An unidentified man in Massachusetts has done just that. As an annual Christmas tradition, he goes around to various fast-food restaurants, giving a gift to all the employees in the entire store. This year, his gifts are crisp new $100 bills.

According to the Boston Globe, the man has already stopped by Marylou’s (a chain of Massachusetts coffee shops), two Dunkin’ Donuts and two McDonald’s restaurant in the Hyannis area. Each time, he spoke with a manager to determine exactly how many employees the restaurant had before pulling enough envelopes out to make sure everyone got a piece of the action.

Where the money actually comes from is still a mystery. “I’ve heard [the people handing out the envelopes are] all representatives of an anonymous donor," Tim Martel, a manager at Dunkin’ Donuts, told the Globe.

It’s an awesome gesture toward some of the most overlooked people in the food-service business.