Oreo Is Releasing a Mystery Flavor to Confuse Us All

Guessing the unknown flavor could win you $50,000.

mystery flavored oreo contest
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After rolling out a plethora of creative flavors this past year, can you really blame the marketing team at Oreo for wanting to take a breather? No. No, you really can't.

Let's do a quick recap: There were "Fireworks Oreos" with popping candy inside. There was a subtle Coconut flavor and a tantalizing-sounding Salted Caramel one, too. There was the questionable "Waffles & Syrup" stint, after which we were saved by an excellent "Mud Pie" attempt. For summer, there were S'mores and Blueberry Pie Oreos. A Blueberry Pie flavor made an appearance, too. In May, when we thought the brand couldn't possibly come up with anything to top what it had already dreamed up, we witnessed the re-release of a childhood favorite: Oreo O's cereal.


Now, the brand is doing what any brand would do after releasing way too many flavors: Release a non-flavor flavor! According to a post by Instagram user @TheJunkFoodAisle, an Oreo package labeled "Mystery Oreos" might be hitting store shelves soon. It's not a mystery flavor in the sense that we don't yet have full details on what flavor the package will contain; it's a true mystery in the sense that the product itself will continue to be a mystery even after it's arrived in supermarkets. Judging by the question mark decorating the creme filling of the Oreo graphic on the packaging, the product is similar to the perplexing White Mystery AirHeads and DumDums lollipops that came before it.

The packaging suggests the mysterious filling is part of a contest, wherein a correct guess as to what these new Oreos taste like will nab a lucky winner $50,000. Will it be a brand new flavor? Or one of the dozens of strange one-off flavors like avocado and popcorn?

We've reached out to Oreo for further comment, but until we hear back, the cookies, much like their packaging, will remain a mystery to all of us.

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