I've tried most fad diets, but the very popular master cleanse has scared me. Then Pavia Rosati, my friend at Daily Candy, suggested trying Blueprint Cleanse, and I thought it sounded kind of intriguing (if a bit masochistic): no food for 5 days, just 6 super healthy drinks each day, which would get delivered right to my door in these cute little cooler bags. The only hitch was that I have a job where I have to eat all day. But I figured this was a good excuse to lighten up and spend more time at my desk instead of eating nonstop in the F&W kitchen (no doubt my favorite pastime).

Well, I think that's the last time I will ever do a 5-day cleanse. I kind of liked a few of the drinks (one was a very fruity and refreshing pineapple mint drink that I would have every day if I could, another was the spicy lemonade that was supposed to kill my afternoon hunger pains). But while my energy level during the cleanse was stellar, my stomach growled every day from noon to 4pm--I now know this is my prime feeding time. And my bigger issue came after the cleanse, when my system seemed to have, well, kind of forgotten how to work. For those looking to do a cleanse, I think blueprint is the way to go, but in any case, I'd say a 3-day cleanse is much more realistic than 5, unless your pipes are made of cast-iron.