Pony fans have another chance to dine on treats inspired by the colorful cast of cartoon characters.
my little pony cafe in tokyo
Credit: Courtesy of My Little Pony Cafe

Calling all My Little Pony fans, ironic or otherwise: Tokyo has a new MLP popup café! You may remember the first MLP café, in October of 2015, which included latte art of the ponies' faces, marshmallows printed with images from the cartoon, and not-sure-if-cute-or-creepy people in life-sized MLP costumes. This time around, the café will feature sweet beverages topped with clouds of cotton candy, delightfully colorful desserts, and, of course, they're bringing back the vaguely upsetting life-sized MLP characters.

The café, entitled "The Pinkish Café" (after the MLP character Pinkie Pie), is located in Harajuku, where we've seen a number of other creatively themed cafes. According to SoraNews24, there are six food options available, including "Pinkie Pie's Pinkish Cupcake," served on My Little Pony paper and emblazoned with Pinkie Pie's face, and "Twilight's Magical Ice Cream Parfait," a purple sweet potato ice cream parfait featuring decorations of the character Twilight Sparkle. Along with the tall glass drinks topped with cotton candy, like the "Rainbow Dash Cotton Cloud Candy Soda," there's also the "Electric Soda," a pink drink served in a light bulb with a long, pink bendy straw.

Other food options include fruits, pancakes, and what appears to be some kind of hotdog. The Pinkish Café also features a variety of MLP merchandise. You can buy pillows, mugs, Pinkie Pie chopstick rests, a set of six skin-friendly, Halloween-themed My Little Pony face stickers, and more. You can also take pictures in front of the selfie-worthy MLP photo wall that greets you right as you enter. Bonus pony points if you can get your drinks or merchandise in the picture.

Despite not being especially spooky (although there is something a little unsettling about just how perky those ponies are), the café is vaguely Halloween-themed, and that means it's, unfortunately, going to close after October 31. We'll just have to console ourselves by making our own brightly-colored sweets and drinks.