One of my grill-obsessed friends hosted a barbecue this past weekend to show off his latest toy, the new George Foreman iGrill. With the ever-expanding “i” market (iPhone, iDog, Nike iPod shoes), I guess it was inevitable that someone would dream this up. But come on, do you really need a docking station in your grill? “I guess it’s not essential,” was my gadget-crazed friend’s response. “But it was only $150 and it grills and plays music. That’s pretty cool.”

Typical guy response, I thought. But after testing it out, I had to admit that he was right: It was actually pretty cool. Launched in April, the iGrill has an amplifier and speakers built into its base, and your iPod or MP3 player docks in the cradle under the griddle. But don’t expect home theater surround-sound quality from the 10-watt sound system. It’s definitely meant for rocking out with a few friends in the backyard, not supplying music for a huge summer bash. And it would be great to drag along for camping or tailgating. This is certainly no Weber, but our burgers turned out beautifully, and the music drew a crowd around the grill, making it an ideal stage for chefs who like to entertain.